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A Hill Times' 100 Best Books in 2020 Selection

On Canada's History Bestsellers list

"The most powerful, compelling, important book I’ve read for a while. Tyler LeBlanc’s story of his family’s Acadian roots, the horrors of Le Grand Dérangement and their journey to a new home is meticulously researched, expertly written and as profoundly distressing as it is inspiring."

- James Mullinger, Editor-in-Chief, [EDIT] Magazine

"Acadian Driftwood was so engaging I blew through it like it was a summer blockbuster." 

"Thanks to LeBlanc’s beautifully written book, brought alive in riveting detail, more of us will understand how the British tried to erase a people—the Acadians—from the landscape of the Atlantic region, and the horror these individuals experienced as their homesteads were destroyed and their families torn apart."

"LeBlanc draws readers in with well-written and gripping prose in the way you would expect from a fiction novel, but he adds an educational punch."

Whether you already have a firm grasp on the history of the Acadian people, or know absolutely nothing about them, this book will inform and inspire you. By mixing together personal stories with the actions of historic figures, and events, the author has written a compelling narrative that is not to be missed.

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